The Chainstore

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In November 2013 I was fortunate enough to be appointed by Parkour Generations as the Principle Designer for Londonís First dedicated indoor Parkour training facility. We were proud to work alongside Eric Reynolds and John Burton of Urban Space Management in the planning and construction of our facility. With what seemed like an impossible time frame and almost no finances, the incredible facility you see here before you would not exist without the inspirational teamwork and moral of the Parkour Generations family and

our friendly neighbours at Trinity Buoy Wharf. In March 2014 we were proud to open The Chainstore, a multi-purpose training facility to cater for all. Itís design features a welcoming reception area, an adaptable Parkour zone made from modular platforms/walls and rails, a fixed concrete and rail zone (courtesy of Freemove), dance floor, strength and conditioning area, spacious office, changing space and chill-out zone including a yoga matted space. Finished photos courtesy of Ben Curwen.

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Below you will see the making of the Chainstore. After an initial design was created we went about sourcing our materials and taking part in several discussions with Eric Reynolds and TBW on the effect of our residency within this historic building. Paying special attention to the building we created a deck above the container office and attached wall bars around the grand hall with minimal impact to the building. Its concrete floor gave us all the stability we need. The wall bars provide stability to the modular parkour equipment

enabling the facility to offer a varied layout re-arranging our Parkour zone at will. This is the only Parkour Centre in the UK with this capability. Throughout this build we were faced many challenges to overcome however with our creative design team consisting of myself, Dan Edwardes, Andy Pearson, Chris Rowat, Chris Keighley, Francois Mahop and James Adams all challenges were quickly and efficiently solved.

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On March the 20th 2014 we launched the Chainstore and were welcomed by over 200 practitioners of all abilities from across the globe. New movements were learnt, new friends were made and a new Academy was born. As you can see in the images below it was a packed night. Classes were run across the academy and were open for anyone to take part. Open sessions also took place where you could move freely and explore the academy fully.

Later in the evening the floors were cleared filling the walls and bars with spectators for the Parkour Generations display team to take to the floor demonstrating a mixture of controlled mobility, physical strength and endurance along with acrobatics and teamwork. This impressive performance took place running throughout the academy demonstrating the possibilities that the Chainstore offered and the ability it could help you achieve.

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Since opening the Chainstore, it has attracted much publicity from journalists and news stations featuring on BBC news, in the Evening Standard and the Sunday Telegraph, on the front cover of Menís Health Magazine and in various MH reports/documentaries and programs including askmen as seen below.

Many practitioners have filmed their own videos here and of all that I have seen, Team Traceur stood out with incredible flow and can be viewed at the bottom of the page. For more information on the Chainstore, it's location and class timetable please see the link HERE.

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