Seven Bricks Brochure


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The brief: To create a property brochure for a small group of luxury apartments in the heart of Shoredtich, London. Together with David Goddard, we started by visiting a selection of local establishments to photograph and to discuss the area. Once we felt familiar with the area and the potential future tenants we began the brochure's design.

Using a unique texture of card, font and metallic foil we created the cover to evoke a memorable experience when first picking up the brochure, before readers have even looked inside. Opening the brochure introduces the reader to the life and community of the area before offering an insight into it's welcoming history. A custom, clear map points our areas of interest from the best places to shop for food and clothes to fitness, places to dine, party and relax.

Whilst visiting each of these places personally, we discussed the purpose of our visit and left with not only knowledge of the establishment but a welcoming gift for the new tenants that were presented in the form of a gold printed welcoming certificate, delivered by hand by the developers themselves. The gift included various discounts, free champagne and meals, tickets and classes to help the new tenants find their way easier.

A double page spread exhibits the area in all its glory, then opening from the centre the double page spread turns into a 4 page spread offering high end visuals of the development itself in all it's glory. This interactive brochure takes each reader on a journey of the area and a glimpse of the life they will be leading, if lucky enough to grab one of these sought after residence of course.

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Click HERE to view the photography collection that went into the brochure plus some that never made it to the final cut.