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In celebration of Professor Green's partnership with PUMA, the co-collaborators gave fans and creative individuals the opportunity to submit designs for a spin-off range of limited edition t-shirts that will be available from December 2013. The brief was to design a graphic that is based around Professor Green's ever-elusive alter ego

'The Honey Badger' character. The winning designers were able to make their creative endeavours a reality at East London's legendary Print Club studios. Take a look at the exclusive short film, which document the creative process that saw the winning designers screen printing a series of prototypes, which were then developed into the exciting winning creations.

The original Honey Badger logo can be seen below to the left quickly followed by my re-design and its development. The original logo was given a 3D twist and developed into a dominant predator with a pissed off expression.

The design was developed further, giving the head a body and purpose, appearing to be bursting out of the t-shirt and grabbing a snake. See the quote below that was sealed onto each print in gold type. This explains why I developed the design in the way that I did.

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PUMA invited all winners to attend a screen printing day where we were able to print a few copies of our own design both on shirts and limited paper prints. Whilst there, we received the first of our

prizes - a giant sack of trainers as seen below. The framed and signed prints were exhibited at the launch of the collection that took place in London with a host of celebrities and DJ’s.

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After the event the collection was taken and a limited run of the shirts were exhibited and sold at the ‘Boxpark’ in Shoreditch as seen above. Soon after the project had completed I was called upon by Puma to attend a meeting regarding a second collection. See the link below for more information

Project Testimonial

Arjun Mistry, Lifestyle Marketing Executive for PUMA

"James is a creative thinker, armed with all the skills needed for a competent designer. His thought process was interesting to be a part of and it was great to see his ideas develop and see his excitement when bought to life. The confidence he has in his skills and delivering and presenting ideas was refreshing to see! "