Olympic Parkour Theatre

spatial design

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In 2011 I was brought in to design 2 10mx10m spaces that were to become outdoor interactive Parkour theatres. Located on-site for the 2012 Olympic games these theatres would host Parkour Generations who would provide

demonstrations and workshops. Due to a tight time frame these concepts were produced within 48 hours and if the project had gone forward would have undergone various development stages.

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A further development of this project led to a conceptual design of an enclosed Parkour theatre space (entrance seen below). The concept, a mixture of futuristic architecture/lighting and organic forms, together with the aid of new material technologies, light suits and 3D projection mapping made the foundations of a performance. An interactive display performed by the incredible PKG demo team. New technology plays a huge role in the design educating visitors on the efficiency or lack of wasted energy in their movements.

This included pressure sensitive digital panels which, once jumped onto would appear to ripple across the floor informing the user of their energy transfer, then once briefed on how to jump and land efficiently they could see the difference and even win prizes. TSeveral of these interactive areas led up to the performance area managing crowd control and enabling education whilst queuing. These additional activities included vertical and horizontal jumping, balancing and precision.

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