Maverick Skate Webdesign

Web Design

The Brief : To conceptualise a home/landing page and shop page visual for a new MaverickSkate website. The design had to be fresh and welcoming. Communication was key here as the site served three main purposes : To promote and help get new parks built, to spread awareness of the company and finally to promote and sell their own clothing line. These key business aims appear in the design both as a slider using engaging imagery and as quick links below along with the navigation consistency viewed in the top bar of the page. The home page also gives the reader an introduction into the company and its team members from the get go.

The shop is laid out quite simply with emphasis on the products themselves. A side navigation bar can be seen to the left of the image below offering the user a choice in items viewed. Once an item has been clicked on a light box will appear with options to add to basket, choose sizes, buy now etc. All the options you would usually find on an online shop. So where is the project now? The project remains in its conceptual stage whilst the company consider the design.