The Tank at Bank


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It's often you'll see the London masses on the commute with their heads down, oblivious to their surroundings. As the first of my 'Look up, London!' series, it's aim is to once again, draw peoples attention to the surrounding buildings and the beauty of London, I'm focusing on the Bank of England.

I look to emphasise the buildings scale and strength by using its existing stone framework to portrait a giant fish tank housing several whale sharks, manterrays and a variety of exotic sea life creatures as they glide around this spacious container. I will do this by fitting large flat digital screens into the existing framework.

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This particular project came about by chance one night whilst strolling through Bank. I often find myself day dreaming about how my surrounding could be altered to offer its users a different experience. In this instance thoughts started to run through my head of how this space could be heard, seen for what it is by the oblivious passers by. What could be done within the space, to the buildings, to its users? How could you get people to notice something overlooked on a daily basis?

While sitting in awe of the sheer scale of the surrounding dominant Architecture that towered over me, one wall stood out. What appeared to be the framework and voids of windows and doors, held purely stone.

I thought what it would look like if they were all just full of glass and even then how would you get people to take notice. I felt this lent itself perfectly to play on this. Above is my favourite solution. To captivate whoever is in view. To fill these voids with not only glass but water as if the building was one empty container, then to fill this mass volume of water with giant sea creatures. Sensors could even be placed and sea creatures programmed to interact with passers by.

A plan is in the process for the production of this concept. For any enquires please contact use the contact link HERE.